Storm water inventory?

The Clean Water Act (1977) and the Water Quality Act (1987) require that we have fishable and swimmable surface waters.

The US EPA works with state agencies (e.g. the Ohio EPA or the Illinois EPA or the Michigan [either MDOT or DEQ, I'm not sure which] or the New York DEC or Georgia's GSWCC or the Massachusetts DEP or the Minnesota CPA ) to achieve this goal.

Part of this process is for municipalities of given sizes to fulfil the requirements of and obtain storm water permits from the state.

Part of the permit defines "Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination", and part of the process to detect and eliminate illicit discharge is to create a map of the municipalities' storm water systems. The first bullet point on this page.

The Google map shows the county (blue outline if you zoom out), and the Salt Run watershed (pink outline) which is the watershed that is currently being mapped.

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