William F. Mellman, GISP

Cincinnati, OH 45208







Experience with the following GIS and Remote Sensing tools:

·   ArcGIS 8.x – 10.5 including ArcGIS Spatial Analyst and Network Analyst

·   Geoprocessing wtih Python and Esri Model Builder

·   ENVI  3.5, 4.2

·   Idrisi - Andes

·   Google Maps API (via Javascript)


Experience with the following languages, operating systems, and software systems:

·   Python, VBA, VB.NET, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Perl, C, C++, ksh/bash

·   Windows 3.1 through Windows 10

·   Android/iPhone App development via Cordova

·   Access 2007, SQL





Project Manager

Clermont County Office of Environmental Quality, Batavia, Ohio

Clermont County Stormwater, Batavia, Ohio

6/08 – to current


Responsibilities include GPS field work and GIS work using Esri ArcMap and Esri for Server (SDE), with versioned data to fulfill system map requirement for EPA NPDES permit. GIS database design, development, and support including GIS development in VBA, VB.NET, and Python. GPS database design and development using Esri ArcPad. Water quality data management, development, and support including Access 2007 based water quality database (EDAS) modification and enhancement. SWPPP development for county wastewater treatment plants.



Adjunct Instructor

Computer Science Department, Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio

2014 Fall and 2017 Spring semesters


Responsibilities include organization and instruction of “Python programming for GIS” course for upper level undergraduates.



Adjunct Instructor

Civil Engineering Technology Department, Cincinnati State Technical College, Cincinnati, Ohio

2007, 2009, & 2011 winter terms (Feb-April)


Responsibilities included organization and instruction of "Introduction to GIS" course for Surveying Majors.



Adjunct Instructor

Geography Department, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

1/07 to 3/07


Responsibilities included organization and instruction of "Intermediate Remote Sensing" course for upper level undergraduates and graduate students.



Adjunct Instructor

Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio

1/01 to 5/01


Responsibilities include organization and instruction of  "Computer Networks" course for upper level undergraduates.



Senior Systems Engineer
University Libraries, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
1999 to 2000


Conducted and supervised Y2K planning, preparation, and testing.  Installed new Linux web and proxy servers for remote authentication and integration into card catalog system.  Began training staff in Unix system administration.  Instituted joint IT department, round-robin training and knowledge sharing program.  Managed computing staff for on-line card catalog, web facilities, and internal computing resources.


Andersen Consulting, Cincinnati, Ohio
1997 to 1999


Responsibilities included SAP Basis administration as well as SAP Batch and Interface Architecture and Maestro administration. Also responsible for BaaN system administration (BaaN Tools).

Implemented SAP batch control via Maestro and other Tivoli systems tools and extensive Unix Korn shell scripting. Designed Interface Architecture upgrade. Performed SAP Basis work including SAP 4.0b installation on Oracle 7.3.2 database. Performed BaaN IVb and BaaN IVc installations, Oracle 7.3.2 database installation, BaaN company creation, and other system administration functions.



LAN Lab Coordinator

University Computing Services, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

1996 to 1997


Responsibilities included overseeing LAN testing and administrative support facility. Provided technical assistance for all versions of Novell Netware (3.11 - Intranetware), and NT server 3.51 and 4.0. Evaluated new hardware, client

and server software, and new operating systems.



Macintosh Facilities Coordinator

University Computing Services, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

1993 to 1996


Responsibilities included maintaining system software for over 450 Macintosh computers. Administered and installed application software on Novell servers. Maintained RevRDist rebuild servers (AppleShare) and scripts. Supervised Macintosh specialists. Evaluated and recommended new Macintosh software and hardware platforms.   Assisted faculty by providing customized solutions to unique classroom technology needs.



Computer Facilities Specialist

Halls of Residence, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

1990 to 1993


Responsibilities included managing 400+ user Novell network (IBM [75%] and Macintosh [25%] clients), managing eight resident computer labs, and supervising student consultants for all labs. Provided hardware and software computing support for Halls administrative staff. Conducted computer training and designed educational  supplements for Halls staff. Evaluated and recommended new software and hardware platforms.






Completed course work for MS in Geography (GIS track)

University of Cincinnati


GIS Certificate

University of Cincinnati


Bachelor of Science Degree - May 1990

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Mathematics



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